Sunday, March 22, 2020

Weekly MMM - Open Up the Gates of Prayer

Mystical Musical Meditations in Jerusalem

Open Up the Gates of Prayer

This prayer is based on my pray-ing  collection,  mainly from the Baal Shem Tov and R. Tzadok HaCohen of  some of their teachings about prayer;

Master of the Universe, please open up for us the Gates of Prayer

Help us know that all is from You

Help us know that no prayer goes to waste

Help us see that one powerful prayer raises up hundreds of weak ones

Help us realize that the joy we feel after a good prayer is a sign that this prayer is received

Help us know that anything and everything that we pray for will manifest in some way

Help us understand that our prayer can and will unlock locked up and blocked up decrees

Help us know that no two prayers are alike, because our hearts and our realities are always changing

Help us intend our prayers for the benefit of revealing the Divine Presence

Help us experience our hearts when we pray

Help us witness how our prayers can raise up the broken souls to the highest realms

Help us focus our prayer efforts on minimal quantity with maximal quality with full hearts

Help us dive deeply in prayer into the thoughts that we resonate with and are meant to embrace at the time

Help us pray so deeply that we become oblivious to our physicality

Help us pray with all our might

Help us pray together with all of Creation

Help our prayer awaken and heal all those in need of that which we pray for

Help us pray with the deepest yearning

Help our prayers join with the righteous ones of all generations

Help open our lips to pray to you and our mouths to speak your praise

Help our prayer open up our love for you and your love for us

Help us become prayer

Help open up for us the Gates of Prayer

Blessings of open-hearted praying,

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