Thursday, June 20, 2019

Weekly MMM - Answers From Beyond

Mystical Musical Meditations in Jerusalem

1. Questions asked and the Divine answers received in elevated times:

Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by asking the right questions at elevated times, such as when you are in the midst of learning, praying or when you find yourself in a Holy place, or even when you are just about to fall asleep, when the main part of the soul usually ascends to a higher place, the ‘right’ questions are those that will elicit the answers that will help you truly be connected to Hashem, others and yourself. One way that you can try,, that many elevated people use to receive answers, is when involved in a Holy Torah work such as the Psalms, either by simply opening the book randomly after asking the question, or else by asking in the middle of deep study, see what the answer is in the context of the text itself. You will need to interpret in a way that also draws on your openness to receive the appropriate ‘Beyond’ interpretation, or to the thought that comes into your mind at the time.

2. Processing Hashem’s message in life’s highlights:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by reframing the experiences or highlights of your day and week or longer period as being direct messages from the ONE ABOVE. First collect at the end of your day the 5 to 10 highlights of your day, and at the end of the week list all the 30 to 50 highlights that you experienced that week. This is a wonderful way to empower you to feel how abundant your life is, and also a wonderful way to feel how much Hashem loves you as you make your way into Shabbat. Now, REFRAME all your experiences as being G-d’s personalized messages to you in order to guide you toward your life’s calling or Tikun. The best way to do this is to identify the one Divine element or Holy Spark, the part of the experience that is most attractive to you, the part you feel to be what is missing in your Soul and therefore you are in need of. Gather all these sparks and see them as G-d’s guidance gifts to you, and then, see if you can find a common guidance thread running through all these Divine gifts. Also, see if these sparks bring to mind some other related ideas that may be helpful for you.

3. Presume/co-creation messages:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by declaring a projected reality that you want to happen, and then sit back and watch how Hashem suprises and delights you by supplying all the answers needed to actualize your goal in His own way and His own time. All that is needed is a believing and positive and committed attitude on your part. Think good and it’ll be good.

4. Racehorse-ing answers:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by saying YES to all your possible options (ie..racehorses) that you have in a given direction that you want to go in life, and then, sit back and watch which of these options are more dominant and indicative of what Hashem wants for you at the present time, and which ones are meant to be temporarily put on the back burner. Just go with the leading options.

5. Hitbodedut - dialogue with Hashem:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by speaking or writing what is on your mind to Hashem, The more that you speak/write, the more clarified you will become. Speak about anything and everything that you are dealing with in life. Speak every day. Work yourself up to an hour or longer each day, and then listen carefully to what the answers to your queries are. You can do this just by quietly listening and resonating, or alternatively, you can do this by proposing that Hashem is answering you if you would be able to hear Him. For example, put yourself in His place (so to speak.). To take this one step further, you can respond to or obey His response and based on your further processing of the situation, report back to Hashem and ask further questions, and continue to carry on this dialogue ad infinitum,

6. Going in the Word—answers:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by diving deeply in to a chosen word that resonates with you when you are in the middle of reciting prayers, or any other Holy recitations. Dive deeply into a place that will enlighten you and guide you. Dive into a real world or an imaginary world, into a time in your personal history, in this lifetime or a previous one, or into a collective subconscious place in history, into a previous era (such as the crossing of the Red Sea). See what it is that you are meant to learn and gain and become healed by.

7. Placing the issue in a holistic perspective:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by reframing your problem, challenge or question in a more holistic way. Add to the orientation of your situation additional layers of time such as past and future, by seeing your problem in the context of the past and the future and then the more  distant past and future and see how it was necessary for this event to happen in the bigger picture. And picture additional layers of space as well. See your situation among thousands that are happening to countless numbers of people, and how your situation, as important as it is, is just a part of the greater whole. Do this and the sting will melt, the all-encompassingness will seem less dramatic. See how this difficult situation is exactly what your soul needs in the long run.

8. Ask your soul:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by simply asking your soul for the answers to the questions and challenges that you pose. You need not be sophisticated, you need not understand even what the Soul is, just keep it simple and.receive from a ‘knowing’ place, on a deeper level. You can ask, regarding any emotionally charged situation that you find yourself in, positive (attractions) or negative (repulsions), and ask yourself, "how does this situation serve to fill in or redeem a lost part of my soul?" Then you can proceed to take the steps necessary to redeem that lost part of your soul.

9. Asking Patriarchal/Matriarchal figures:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by asking a Patriarchal or Matriarchal figure for the answer. This can play itself out in many ways,.you can ask them to serve as channels to interpret your dreams. You can ask a group of the greatest of saints and sages to sit on a counsel of elders and to deliberate over a situation that you find yourself in, or you can access the wisdom of such supernal figures by projecting what you think they would say, or by just asking the pertinent questions and waiting for the answers. Or, you can have a group of people act out or serve as channels of the various prominent figures.

10. Go over and over it:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by just going over and over an idea or a piece of wisdom that you are contemplating. Walk with it and spend time with it everywhere you go, ask all the pertinent questions that you can ask, discuss it with others. Be open for all that comes to you. Be open to receive the answers, sometimes in great abundance. Know with a certainty that they will come. Perhaps you will need at some point to just let go and totally relax or forget about it, and only then, when you’ve gotten yourself out of the way, the answers will come.

11. Ratzon answers:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by asking the Ratzon questions, such as, "what is my calling?" Or, how can I get to a state of All-ing, which is what I call total self expression?" To the extent that you really want to know the answers, to that extent, you will be answered with clarity, and you will be on your way to knowing at all times what is your Ratzon calling and Ratzon All-ing. As a result, you will be able to follow your Ratzon essence in life, in addition to the major Ratzon answers that you can receive, you can also receive specific Ratzon answers by asking yourself with regard to any specific question or decision if you really resonate or if your lower and higher selves are both on board or if this way would redeem a lost part of your Soul.

12. Going into an altered state of consciousness:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by going in to an altered state of consciousness and being totally open to be guided in general, or in any particular direction that you want to guided. Allow the unexpected to occur, allow yourself to be taken on a journey that can reveal to you information and answers and healing directions to the questions and explorations and blocks of your life. Be open and receptive for whatever it is that you are meant to learn.

13. Neccesity is the mother of invention:
Connect to the answers you receive from the Beyond by tapping into the urgency and intolerability of the present situation or void that you find yourself in, and the absolute need to jump in to a whole new situation. Allow this new situation to come into being on it’s own, and it will. It’s coming to you or being drawn down to you as a response to what a much deeper part of yourself is in need of now. In a simpler, less intense but similar way, you can tap into receiving answers any time you are in need of anything.

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